Around four million people are coming to India every year for AYUSH treatment. People from all over the world come to different parts of India in search of herbal treatment – either for rejuvenation or to find a cure. India is blessed with varied climatic zones and topography having forests and mountains, deserts and sea shores. Getting an AYUSH Visa for medical purposes is a lot easier these days, thanks to the state policies. Hence, traveling to India is easier than rest of the countries. India provides the best medical services and AYUSH treatments with state-of-the-art technology. Also, India is deservedly proud of having a large number of highly qualified and skilled Unani doctors. 


Heal by Unani helps the tourist to select from several awe-inspiring destinations that India is blessed with. In India, Unani doctors are well versed in English language. Furthermore, the tourist guides and the medical staff can speak English as well as other local languages fluently, which will make the tourist feel comfortable in India.

Heal by Unani Wellness Tourism

Today people go through a lot of stress and tension due to their faulty lifestyle. This in turn takes a major toll on their health. They are also prone to various kinds of aliments due to the nature of their job and responsibilities. A relaxed mind is necessary for a healthy body. To get rid of the stress taking a vacation  occasionally would be a good idea. Hence while on a vocation if you get an effective, safe, and pocket-friendly treatment or health-promoting regime, it would be an icing on the cake. Heal by Unani Wellness Tourism Services will help you to achieve this through its comprehensive wellness sessions.


At Heal by Unani Tourism Wellness Centers, we are committed to being the best Unani Medical Tourism operator. Patient safety is our first priority. We believe in hospitality towards all kinds of clients, regardless of their cast, creed, or color.